remote_controlsRemote Controls and Universal Remote Controls

Duratone carries pre-owned, replacement and new remote controls for domestic Hi-Fi, TV and Home Cinema Equipment. We also have a range of Universal Remote Controls that can be programmed or come pre-programmed with the ability to control a multitude of Hi-Fi, TV and Home Theatre Devices.

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speaker_standsLoudspeaker Stands

Standard domestic furniture is not designed with the necessary properties to deaden vibrations produced by a standard loud speaker. It is therefore desirable to lessen these frequencies and enhance your loud speaker's sound by using heavy duty speaker stands.

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record cleaningRecord Cleaning Accessories

Records collect dust, dirt and grime in their grooves over time. This creates pop, crackle and a dulling of the sound when playing the vinyl. To maintain the best possible sound, vinyl needs to be cared for regularly, and old records may need a particularly deep clean. We sell a range of items to help you do this.

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Interconnects and Cables

interconnect_cablesAudio interconnect and speaker cables will affect the overall sound of the system. Nonetheless, buyer beware in this mysterious part of the market. It is not always the most expensive cable which performs the best, or the most well-known or advertised brands. Whatever you do, don't use what comes in the box!

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