record cleaningRecord Cleaning Accessories

Records collect dust, dirt and grime in their grooves over time. This creates pop, crackle and a dulling of the sound when playing the vinyl. To maintain the best possible sound, vinyl needs to be cared for regularly, and old records may need a particularly deep clean. We sell a range of items to help you do this.

am carbon fibre brushAM Carbon Fibre Brush

The AM Carbon Fibre Brush is a small hand held brush that eliminates light dust and static from your records. Use it just before you play the record to stop pops and clicks.

am stylus cleanerAM Stylus Cleaner

The stylus is where all the music comes from, and so if your stylus is clean, your music will sound clean too! Use the stylus cleaner every now and again or after playing a particularly dirty record.

am_record_cleanerAM Record Cleaner

This is a liquid cleaner that comes with a microfibre cloth. Use it for records with fingerprints, stains or other superficial grime. If you are looking to clean off mould or something similarly permanent, look under the following restoration section.

Record RevirginizerRecord Revirginizer™

Record Revirginizer™ is an Australian innovation that allows you to effectively and safely clean records. The Record Revirginizer can actually restores your vinyl records close to their original condition by using a revolutionary anti-static polymer that you pour onto the vinyl then spread. The polymer takes about 4-12 hours to dry, then once dry you simply peel it off along with the dirt and residue.