speaker_standsLoudspeaker Stands

Standard domestic furniture is not designed with the necessary properties to deaden vibrations produced by a standard loud speaker. It is therefore desirable to lessen these frequencies and enhance your loud speaker's sound by using heavy duty speaker stands.

Paradigm Loudspeaker Stands

Heavy Die cast base with aluminium tube steel post (hidden cable channel).
Paradigm LS-30: 99cm table stand for Cinema 70/90/ADP, RRP $249 Special $210
Paradigm LS-20: 94cm table stand for Cinema 110 L/R, RRP $249 Special $210

Heavy Die-cast zinc base with aluminium tube steel post (hidden cable channel).
Paradigm LS-10: 41cm table stand for Cinema 110 L/R, RRP $239 Special $199

Heavy tempered glass base with extruded aluminium post.
Paradigm LS-15: 47cm table stand for Cinema 220 RRP $239 Special $199
Paradigm LS-18: 46cm table stand for Millenia 20, Cinema 220/330 RRP $249 Special $210
Paradigm LS-25: 100cm for Cinema 220/330, RRP $249 Special $210

Extruded aluminium post with iron ballast & tempered glass base.
Paradigm GS-30: 85cm, for use with Millenia ADP, Sig S2, Sig ADP1 RRP $649 Special $499

Weighted cast-aluminium base with trim and extruded aluminium post.
Paradigm GS-40: 110cm, for use with Studio Esprit (L/R) RRP $649 Special $499

Heavy-duty top, die-cast aluminium base and aluminium post with hidden cable channel.
Paradigm J-23: 58cm speaker stand, RRP $799
Paradigm J-29: 74cm speaker stand, RRP $799