remote_controlsRemote Controls and Universal Remote Controls

Duratone carries pre-owned, replacement and new remote controls for domestic Hi-Fi, TV and Home Cinema Equipment. We also have a range of Universal Remote Controls that can be programmed or come pre-programmed with the ability to control a multitude of Hi-Fi, TV and Home Theatre Devices.

replacement remote controlsRemote Control Replacement

We also have a large selection pre-owned and replacement remote controls for Amplifiers, Receivers, DVD Playes, CD Players, Televisions and other Vintage Hi-Fi stereo system. Contact us for details. 

denon rc7000ci rc7001 specialDenon RC-7000CI Remote & 2x RC7001 RF Repeaters

Universal learning remote with PC interface to easily program command codes for your components. Also includes 2x RC-7001RCI base stations to RF control your system behind cabinet doors and from other rooms. Original Price: $799 Special $299

bose wave backlit remoteBose Wave® music system premium backlit remote control

A Convenient backlit remote control for use in low-light condition with the Bose Wave® music system/Wave® radio II and other bose systems. Includes keypad stand. Was RRP $59 Special $49

bose_personal_music_center_remoteBose Personal® music centre III remote control

Expansion remote control for Lifestyle® V35, V25, 235 or 135 home entertainment systems from additional locations around your home. It also controls connected components, like 3D Blu-ray™ player, cable box, etc including access to iPod playlists from your music collection. Was $249 Special $199

loewe rc1 remote controlLoewe RC1 Remote control

Intelligent Bi-directional remote control system for use with all Loewe TVs, VCRs, DVDs and other audio systems. Was RRP $599 Special $279