Some other brands we have to offer

Anthem Amplifiers LogoAnthem Canadian made, state of the art, superb home cinema processors for the surround enthusiast who demands perfection. visit

Atoll LogoAtoll Electronique Elegant Audio from Normandy. Excellent value products, great sound quality, a worthy first step from the mid-fi market. visit

Audio AnalogueAudio Analogue eclectic geniuses from Tuscany, Italy, elegant and refined and a real pleasure to listen with. visit

Bryston logoBryston Canada's enduring electronics brand. Clean, powerful and authoritative amplifiers, suitable for driving any loudspeaker at extraordinary levels. visit

Cambridge AudioCambridge Audio has been at the forefront of British hi-fi, and has some of the most innovative and technologically advanced products on the market. visit

CR Developments logoCR Developments is based in the UK, CR has been designing and manufacturing vacuum tube audio amplification products since the late eighties. visit

Creek Audio logoCreek Audio offer some of the more neutral, well balanced and simply undistorted audio amplifiers at their price point. visit

Denon logoDenon continues to synthesize high-end amplifier circuitry with superb craftsmanship yielding spectacular performance. visit

KR Audio logoKR Audio is located in the heart of Europe in Czech Republic and is the world leader in the production of low-frequency power triodes and hi-end audio equipment visit

Lector Audio logoLector - An Italian electronics outfit with confidence and flair, offering well made vacuum tube and solid state equipment for the high end hi-fi market. visit

Linn logoLinn is one of the most famous names in high fidelity music. Linn Audio Systems deliver involving music and absorbing home cinema. visit

Marantz logoMarantz has over 50 years experience designing audio products that bring you as close as possible, by accurately and faithfully reproducing music and movies. visit

Mimetism Audio logoMimetism Audio - Swiss precision with French creativity. Totally uncluttered looks hide some of the most analytical but musical equipment that we have ever heard. visit

Musical Fidelity logoMusical Fidelity is one of the most well known and loved high end brands, offering sonic excellence and beauty of design and build. visit

NAD logoNAD - For over 30 years has manufactured high quality, high-fidelity audio electronics for the most demanding user, they are renowned for honest specifications. visit

Octave logoOctave has been making hand built vacuum tube amplifiers with highest quality components, that are every bit as stable and reliable as the best transistor designs. visit

Rega logoRega - For over 30 years British company Rega has been designing and developing high quality Hi-Fi products that reproduces music as faithfully as possible. visit

Richter logoRichter - For 26 years this Australian company has been manufacturing hi-fi products that are both Musical and affordable. visit

Rotel logoRotel - For over 45 years Rotel has been producing affordable high performance audio & video products, that both looks and sounds good. visit

Sonneteer logoSonneteer - One of the best-kept secrets in budget high-end. The Alabaster amplifier has been described by reviewers as 'sheer poetry'. visit