Atoll IN-200 Integrated AmplifierAtoll IN-200 Integrated Amplifier

100 Watts@8 ohms, Endowed with great resolution and resolving power that gives the IN-200 the ability to dig deep and inject sweet musicality into most recordings. RRP $2995 Call for special price

Fully symmetrical stages with discrete components; Double pair of MOS-FET transistors per channel on outputs; Toroid transformer, double-mono configuration; Complete adjustment (via front panel or remote control) of the volume & balance settings; Direct Inputs access; By-pass input and Universal Remote Control.


  • Power Rating: 100 W (8 Ohms RMS)
  • Number of Inputs: 5
  • Input Impedance: 220 kohms
  • Rate Signal/Noise: 100 dB
  • Distorsion at 1kHz: 0,05%
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-100kHz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 90 x 280mm
  • Weight: 13Kg
  • Options: Phono Stage, Silver Fascia