Bluesound BP100 Battery Pack

Battery pack for PULSE FLEX, provides up to 6 hours listening on a singlecharge. Stream music via aptX Bluetooth, WiFi, or connect other devices via Hotspot mode. Includes: 8 x rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, Battery Life: displayed in Player drawer of BluOS app, Attachment: to rear of speaker, leaving access to inputs & outputs, Colours: Black, White, Dimensions (HxWxD): / 113 x 82 x 27.5 mm, Weight: 0.32kg. RRP $99

Bluesound WM100 Bracket

Wall mount bracket for PULSE FLEX, with lockable tilt & swivel adjustment.Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Tilt: up to 15°, Swivel: up to 40°, Colours: Black, White, Dimensions (HxWxD): 83 x 60 x 51.2 mm, Weight: 0.2kg. RRP $85

Bluesound DX PLN 50-2 Ethernet Kit

Monster Ethernet over Power kit. Create a network access point wherever you have a power outlet. Includes Power and Surge Protection. Ideal for situations where an Ethernet connection is not possible. Plug & Play high speed internet in seconds, Turn any power outlet into an ultra high-speed hard-wired internet port, Optimum audio quality with no dropouts, Super-fast streaming at twice the speed of Wi-Fi.