project_xpressioncomfortPro-Ject 1Xpression III Comfort

Pro-Ject's only semi auto turntable for audiophiles. A cut above the rest, it offers a precision DC motor with belt drive, electronic speed control and record end stop. An turntable offering a lot for a modest price.

An attractive acrylic platter and well engineered aluminium tonearm fitted with sapphire bearings and a premium Ortonfon 2M red cartridge completes the advanced specification.


Belt drive system with synchronous motor
Electronic speed change 33, 45, 78 (+ belt turnover)
Opto-electronic limit stop of motor and arm lift
Heavy non resonant acrylic platter
Low tolerance main bearing housing and steel axle
8,6” c tonearm with conical carbon arm tube & aluminium headshell
For 78 playback: remove prefitted stylus 2M red & exchange to 2M78 (not included)
Special rubber filled cone feet
Finish: HG dark grey