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ELAC Loudspeakers

ELAC has a proud history that dates back more than 88 years. The company's acoustic research, development, and production activities are all housed under one roof in the city of Kiel in northern Germany. Elac have produced a number of acoustic milestones such as the unique omni-directional 4Pi ribbon tweeter, the Jet tweeter (with its folded foil membrane) and the aluminium sandwich woofer with its crystal membrane.

elac-bs-72Elac BS72 2-way, bookshelf loud-speakers

Coming from Germany, the ELAC BS 72 is much more than meets the eye. You will be surprised by the quality of sound and level of detail produced by this compact bookshelf. RRP $599

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elac bs 73 blackElac BS-73 2-way, bookshelf loud-speakers

With all the benefits of its smaller brother but without the space restrictions, ELAC’s BS 73 can fill a room with ease. RRP $799

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elac_fs-77Elac FS-77 2-way, floor-standing loud-speakers

ELAC’s entry-level floorstanding speaker, the FS 77, provides big sound for anyone averse to a big physical footprint. Twin 6-inch woofers meet in an elegant satin white or black cabinet, capable of fitting into almost any room aesthetic. RRP $1,699

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elac fs 78Elac FS-78 3-way, floor-standing loud-speakers

At the peak of ELAC’s Line 70 is the FS 78. The FS 78 is a true three-way floor-standing speaker, replete with twin 7-inch woofers, a 4 ½-inch midrange, and a 1-inch tweeter for a truly engaging listening experience. RRP $2399

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elac cc 71Elac CC-71 2-way, center channel loud-speaker

Excellent quality sound with advanced components that will provide a seamless blend between your Elac Line 70 main speakers RRP $549

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