musical_fidelity_logoMusical Fidelity was founded in the United Kingdom in 1982 as a producer of high-end audio equipment. The company has since gone on to become one of the most respected brands of Hi-Fi by following its original design mission of producing "state-of-the-art high-end sound at a modest price".

musical_fidelity_m3scdMusical Fidelity - M3scd CD Player

The Musical Fidelity M3scd is more than just a superb sounding CD player, it can also operate as a digital hub by utilizing its 3 digital inputs (coax, optical and USB) to provide input from TV, Computers and other Digital devices into its excellent inbuilt digital to analogue converter.

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musical_fidelity_v90-bluThe Musical Fidelity V90-BLU Bluetooth Receiver

The V90-BLU features a useful digital and analogue bypass function and includes an on-board DAC for simple connection to a host of audio equipment. The front mounted pairing switch simplifies reconnection between multiple Bluetooth devices.

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