Piega Premium 3.2

With a height of just under 1 metre, the 3.2 is a slimline and beautiful compact floor-stander, utilising a dual bass driver system for extended low frequency response and as always, the outstanding LDR ribbon tweeter for uncompromising clarity in the midrange and high frequencies.

Stylish and elegant, the 3.2 fits into the most compact of floor spaces and is available in polished aluminium, black anodised or white varnish


Design: 2 1/2-way-system floor-standing loudspeaker
Equipment: 2x 10 cm MDS® basses, 1x LDR 2642 MKII ribbon
Recommended amplifier output: 20 - 150 Watt
Sensitivity: 90 db/W/m
Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency range: 38 Hz - 50 kHz
Connection: Multi-Connectors
Colours: Aluminium cabinet, silver grill.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 97 x 16 x 17 cm
Weight: 14 kg