Pro-Ject Audio

Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1990, since then they have gone on to become a world leader in Phono-stages and Turntables.

project_essential2phonousbPro-Ject Essential II Phono USB

Pro-Ject's Essential turntable is nothing fancy, but that is sort of the point. Designed as a no-frills turntable, good enough to avoid unnecessary record damage and cheap enough to avoid scaring hi-fi fledglings away, the Essential is a great choice for anyone wanting an inexpensive entry into the world of vinyl playback.
RRP $529 call us for our current specials

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project debut carbon redPro-Ject Debut Carbon DC

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is easily our best-selling turntable. Introducing a carbon-fibre tonearm usually seen only on much more expensive turntables and a precision DC power supply, the Debut Carbon is capable of providing stable, accurate reproduction of any vinyl disc. call us for our special deals

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project debut carbon phono usbPro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Phono USB

Debut Carbon DC along with a Phonostage and USB output for Hifi & Audio-Transfer to PC/Mac. Each component in the Debut Carbon USB is perfectly matched to every other, resulting in a perfectly balanced unit which simply cannot be beaten by any other turntable in its price bracket. 
RRP $699 call us for our special deals

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project_1xpressioncarbonPro-Ject 1Xpression Carbon

The 1Xpression Carbon offers a taste of Pro-Ject's build quality in their premium turntables at a fraction of the cost. The 1Xpression Carbon integrates low-resonance, thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) technology in the feet and in the steel-sandwiched platter to isolate the turntable from any interfering resonance. RRP $1099 call us for our special deals.

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project_1xpressioncarbonclassicPro-Ject 1Xpression Carbon Classic

Pro-Ject's 1Xpression Carbon Classic has to be one of the most attractive turntables on the market. The finish options of gloss Mahogany, Olive, or Piano Black contrast perfectly with the aluminium platter, highlighting the pristine minimalism intrinsic Pro-Ject's turntable design. 
RRP $1399 Call us for our special deals

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