Mark Levinson & Wilson Audio System $20000

This pre-loved system has clarity, transparency, accuracy and in its day would have retailed well above the 60 thousand mark. 

System consists of;

Mark Levinson No.380 Pre Amplifier 
Mark Levinson No.431 Power Amplifier 
Mark Levinson No.37 CD transport & No.360S D/A converter 
Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy Series 6.

This speaker system comprises of the WATT (Wilson Audio Tiny Tot) mini monitor and the PUPPY bass cabinet. This is an extremely accurate loudspeaker combination used frequently in Professional tracking and mastering studios. The Watt Puppies will show up every conceivable detail, so the electronics combination and positioning needs to be right, but when it is..... Wow, truly breathtaking!!! The Mark Levinson (pictured in the centre stand, bottom 2 shelves) equipment definitely ticks the above boxes.