Musical Fidelity A1008 System

Musical Fidelity Hi-End A1008 250 wpc integrated amplifier with matching A1008 CD player and external power supply. These items are one owner and are in MINT condition. $5500

Musical Fidelity A1008 CD player

The A1008 CD player uses Philips CD pro transport with a 24-bit 192K upsampling DAC. This DAC has high quality digital to analogue performance with ultra low jitter, ultra low noise and vanishingly low distortion. The outputs consist of two pairs of RCA outputs with one running a tube output and other solid state. While the A1008 CD player is fitted with a high quality internal power supply, when paired with the A1008 Integrated Amplifier the A1008 CD player can utilize the A1008 Amps power supply for improved performance.

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Musical Fidelity A1008 Integrated Amplifier

The A1008 integrated amplifier uses an analogue preamp stage that is complemented by the classic X-10D tube stage using a top quality ECC88/6922 tube.  Also included is an on-board 24-bit 192K DAC (2x coax inputs, 1x optical and 1x USB input) with a high quality built-in MM/MC phono stage.

The A1008 power amplifier offers 250 watts per channel and consists of two mono block amplifier modules with separate power supplies for better separation and imaging.

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Unit History

This one owner system has been carefully inspected and tested to be in good working order and comes with a 3 month limited warranty. These items are in MINT condition (no visible marks or scratches) and come complete with all connecting cables, remotes and manuals.

These items will not be sold separately.

For local pick up only.