Project - The Classic Specials

The Project “The Classic” is a return to the past when turntables where a piece of furniture. The Classic with Ortofon 2M silver cartridge and available in Walnut, Rosenut, Eucalyptus
RRP $1798 now $999 (While Stocks Last!!) more information

project_essential2phonousbProject Essential II Phono USB

Project Audio entry level turntable with phono-stage and USB option for audio transfer to PC/Mac.
RRP $549 call us for our current specials

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project debut carbon redProject Debut Carbon DC

Combining high quality performance and great value for money. Now with Thorens DC motor. Choice of 7 base colours. Complete with Ortofon OM series cartridge. Award Winner - Superb value
RRP $599 call us for our special deals

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project debut carbon phono usbProject Debut Carbon DC Phono USB

All the features high quality performance of the Debut Carbon DC along with a Phonostage and USB output for Hifi & Audio-Transfer to PC/Mac
RRP $749 call us for our special deals

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project_1xpressioncarbonProject 1-Xpression Carbon

Audiophile specification model with Ortofon cartridge from the respected 2M range. Performance plus! Includes 2M-Red Cartridge
RRP $1099 call us for our special deals.

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project_1xpressioncarbonclassicProject 1-Xpression Carbon Classic

A masterpiece from Pro-Ject fitted with a carbon fibre arm and an Ortofon premium 2M Silver cartridge with silver wire wound coils. Equipped with a precision DC motor, well isolated from the base and a heavy aluminium platter with vibration de-coupling. The substantial base board is available in a choice of four finishes including two wood veneered styles. Superb!
RRP $1399 call us for our special deals

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denon_dp-300FDenon DP-300F Turntable

The DP-300F includes automatic start/stop feature and a built-in switchable phono-stage to connect the turntable to an amplifier that does not have a phono input. RRP $649

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Rega RP1

Entry level turntable from the British built Rega range. Great build quality and performance, fitted with Rega Elys cartridge.
RRP $599 Call us for special pricing.

rega-rp6Rega RP6 Turntable

Audiophile's dream. Upgraded base, arm and drive belt. Fitted with top of range Rega Exact cartridge. Superb sound and reliability.
RRP $1899 Call us for specials.

thorens_td309Thorens TD 309 Turntable

The one for the audiophile. Top class arm and motor and fitted with top of the line Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. Unique triangular base shape and choice of base colour. Sounds superb!
RRP $2790 Call us for our TD309 Special!

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thorens-td158-1Thorens TD 158 Turntable

The Thorens fully automatic turntable with electronic speed selector is an entry level into the wonderful world of analog music.
RRP $690

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thorens-td170-1Thorens TD 170-1 Turntable

The TD 170-1 is fully automatic turntable with three speeds 33/45/78 rpm so those beloved Golden oldies on 78 rpm can be played once again. We have fitted an Ortofon OM-10 cartridge (value $99) with 33/45 rpm stylii. (Note: optional stylii is required for 78rpm)
RRP: $890

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Turntable brands we carry

project_logoProject Audio is currently one of the world's leading suppliers of turntables, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. Visit www.project-audio.com


Thorens are known the world over for the highest quality turntables, built on tried and tested methods and combining new state of the art turntable technologies. Visit www.thorens.com

rega_logoRega for over 30 years has been designing and developing high quality turntables that reproduces music as faithfully as possible. Visit www.rega.co.uk

denon_logoDenon's turntables and phono cartridges bring more life to those famous analogue recordings with their unique expression of sound. Visit www.denon.com

linn_logoLinn is one of the most famous names in high fidelity turntables. For over four decades Linn has been considered as one of the best turntable manufacturers around. Visit www.linn.co.uk