Project Debut Carbon DC

The Project Debut Carbon is easily our best-selling turntable so we are offering further discounts to help the music lover enjoy the benefits of a vinyl recording. So be quick as we have limited colour options.
RRP $629 Special $499

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Project - The Classic Specials

The Project “The Classic” is a return to the past when turntables where a piece of furniture. The Classic is  available in Walnut, Rosenut, Eucalyptus
Starting From RRP $1650 more information

project_essential2phonousbProject Essential II Phono USB

Project Audio entry level turntable with phono-stage and USB option for audio transfer to PC/Mac.
RRP $549 call us for our current specials

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project debut carbon redProject Debut Carbon DC

Combining high quality performance and great value for money. Choice of 7 base colours. Complete with Ortofon Red series cartridge. Award Winner - Superb value
RRP $629 call us for our special deals

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project debut carbon phono usbProject Debut Carbon DC Phono USB

All the features high quality performance of the Debut Carbon DC along with a Phonostage and USB output for Hifi & Audio-Transfer to PC/Mac
RRP $699 call us for our special deals

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project_1xpressioncarbonProject 1-Xpression Carbon

Audiophile specification model with Ortofon cartridge from the respected 2M range. Performance plus! Includes 2M-Red Cartridge
RRP $1099 call us for our special deals.

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project_1xpressioncarbonclassicProject 1-Xpression Carbon Classic

A masterpiece from Pro-Ject fitted with a carbon fibre arm and an Ortofon premium 2M Silver cartridge with silver wire wound coils. Equipped with a precision DC motor, well isolated from the base and a heavy aluminium platter with vibration de-coupling. The substantial base board is available in a choice of four finishes including two wood veneered styles. Superb!
RRP $1399 call us for our special deals

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denon_dp-300FDenon DP-300F Turntable

The DP-300F includes automatic start/stop feature and a built-in switchable phono-stage to connect the turntable to an amplifier that does not have a phono input. RRP $649

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Rega RP1

Entry level turntable from the British built Rega range. Great build quality and performance, fitted with Rega Elys cartridge.
RRP $599 Call us for special pricing.

rega-rp6Rega RP6 Turntable

Audiophile's dream. Upgraded base, arm and drive belt. Fitted with top of range Rega Exact cartridge. Superb sound and reliability.
RRP $1899 Call us for specials.

thorens_td309Thorens TD 309 Turntable

The one for the audiophile. Top class arm and motor and fitted with a Thorens TAS-267 cartridge. Unique triangular base shape and choice of base colour. Sounds superb! RRP $2750. Call us for our TD309 Special and cartridge options.

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thorens-td158-1Thorens TD 158 Turntable

The Thorens fully automatic turntable with electronic speed selector is an entry level into the wonderful world of analog music.
RRP $690

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thorens-td170-1Thorens TD 170-1 Turntable

The TD 170-1 is fully automatic turntable with three speeds 33/45/78 rpm so those beloved Golden oldies on 78 rpm can be played once again. We have fitted an Ortofon OM-10 cartridge (value $99) with 33/45 rpm stylii. (Note: optional stylii is required for 78rpm)
RRP: $890

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Turntable brands we carry

project_logoProject Audio is currently one of the world's leading suppliers of turntables, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. Visit www.project-audio.com


Thorens are known the world over for the highest quality turntables, built on tried and tested methods and combining new state of the art turntable technologies. Visit www.thorens.com

rega_logoRega for over 30 years has been designing and developing high quality turntables that reproduces music as faithfully as possible. Visit www.rega.co.uk

denon_logoDenon's turntables and phono cartridges bring more life to those famous analogue recordings with their unique expression of sound. Visit www.denon.com

linn_logoLinn is one of the most famous names in high fidelity turntables. For over four decades Linn has been considered as one of the best turntable manufacturers around. Visit www.linn.co.uk