Wireless Streaming Music Players

Bluesound NODE 2i - Wireless streaming music player RRP $999
Bluesound POWERNODE 2 - Amplifier, wireless streaming music player. RRP $1399
Bluesound VAULT 2i - NAS, DAC, CD Ripper and wireless streaming music player. RRP: $1999

Wireless Speakers

Bluesound PULSE FLEX - Compact wireless streaming speaker. RRP $599
Bluesound PULSE MINI - Wireless streaming speaker. RRP $999
Bluesound PULSE 2 - Wireless streaming speaker. RRP $1499

Wireless Streaming Soundbar

Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i - Wireless streaming soundbar. From RRP $1699

Wireless Streaming Subwoofer

Bluesound PULSE SUB - Wireless subwoofer, for all Pulse models. RRP $999

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This portable compact speaker allows you to listen to your music directly from your phone, tablet, USB or your favourite online music service. The Heos 1 you can connect two of them together in a stereo configuration or tie multiple Heos units together in different rooms.

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musical_fidelity_v90-bluThe Musical Fidelity V90-BLU Bluetooth Receiver

The simple way to stream audio and CD quality music from smartphones, tablets, MACs and PCs right to your Hi-Fi system without the complication of software driven wi-fi solutions. RRP $399

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Polk Audio Omni Wireless Speaker Series

Polk Audio has influenced the audio industry many times over and the New Omni wireless speaker series (with DTS Play-Fi technology) is no exception. Come in to Duratone to see and hear the complete Omni range.

polk_omni_sb1 Polk Omni S2 - Play-Fi Wireless Speaker
Polk Omni S2R - Play-Fi Wireless Rechargeable Speaker
Polk Omni SB1 - Play-Fi Wireless Multi Room Soundbar and Subwoofer
Polk Omni P1 - Play-Fi Wireless Adapter
Polk Omni A1 - Play-Fi Wireless Amplifier 75 W x 2 channels

The Polk Omni Series features DTS Play-Fi

Play-Fi is a wireless audio platform developed by DTS (Digital Theatre Systems) a company well known for their multi-channel surround sound formats for DVD and Blu-Ray. The Play-Fi format is open-platform software so is licensed to third party manufacturers, this means you can choose from a variety of Play-Fi wireless devices from different manufacturers.