Epos Encore 50 Floor standing Loudspeakers


Epos Encore 50 Floor standing Loudspeakers

  • 3 Way, Floor standing, Reflex port loaded.
  • User adjustable crossover
  • Great tonal balance
  • High quality drivers
  • 3x Binding posts for Bi-Amp or Tri-Amp configurations
  • Custom-made Epos polypropylene capacitors
  • Twin 220mm woofers with 140mm diameter cones
  • Double-thickness enclosure Natural Cherry Wood Finish
  • Includes State Board

Collectible (only one in Australia), Ex Demo

Epos Encore 50 Floor Standing Loudspeakers

The Epos Encore 50 speakers are designed and engineered in Great Britain. This pair of Epos Encore 50’s in cherry wood are the only pair imported to Australia by the offical Epos Distributor. The Staff here at Duratone are quite fond of Epos speakers and we often affectionately refer to the Encore 50 as “Brutus Maximus Behemoth”. Think of the giants in ‘Game of Thrones’ dealing with their foe, or, the Docs speakers in Back To the Future (that send Marty McFly flying). These pictures will give you somewhat of an idea as to how we perceive these speakers. Basically, if driven correctly, the Encore 50 can deliver distortion free, clean sound at very LOUD levels.

Feed The Beasts

The Epos Encore 50 definitely require an amplifier that can source high current (4 ohm load), so using two or three amplifiers is optimal. Using multiple amplifiers will provide better performance and as a result, better sound and more authoritative bass. As the Encore 50 like power, they include three pairs of binding posts per speaker that provide access to the Tweeter, Mid-Range and Bass. This means you can, Bi-wire, Tri-wire but preferably Bi-Amp or Tri-Amp. These loudspeakers will happily eat up more powerful amplifiers than those described on the back plate or specifications (maximum amplifier power 500w), however, as with any speaker, care needs to be taken to avoid over-driving these amazing loudspeakers.

While the Epos Encore 50 specifications state 89dB sensitivity, they seem to be significantly more efficient. They defiantly hold their own when comparing them against other hi-end high efficient loudspeakers, so we estimate the sensitivity to be somewhere around the 91-92 dB.

few if any alternatives will match its combination of smoothness, wide dynamic range, ample bass and good sensitivity at anything like the price. This is a genuine high-end speaker at well below current high-end prices.

Paul Messenger

Natural Wood Finish

The EPOS Encore 50 has been carefully finished with book-matched real wood veneer. The manual states that “no two trees are alike and each pair of speakers may be slightly different in grain, colour and shading. These pleasing variations are your guarantee of the unique and warm charm of your Epos speaker system.” Each Epos Encore 50 cabinet is also finished with a special lacquer, that ensures a maintenance free life.

Epos Skate Boards

The Encore 50’s include what they describe as a “skateboard” to make it easier to move the speakers around without causing damage.

Technical Specifications

  • Design: 3 way, floor standing, reflex port loaded, with user adjustable crossover
  • Frequency Range: 28 Hz – 30 kHz. -6dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm nominal (2.8 ohm minimum)
  • Sensitivity: 89dB @ 2.83V/1m
  • Amplifier Power (Max): 500W/4 ohm (unclipped speech and music)
  • Amplifier Power (Min): 100W/4 ohm (recommended to avoid clipping)
  • Drivers – Woofers: 2 x 220mm diameter on an aluminium chassis, 38.5mm voice coil with +/- 8mm excursion Light weight, Kevlar/carbon fibre/pulp cone piston material, with inverted dust cap
  • Drivers – Mid-range: 1 x 158mm with 25mm voice coil and +/- 3.5mm excursion. Light weight, Kevlar/carbon fibre/pulp cone piston material, with inverted dust cap
  • Drivers – Tweeter: 1 x 25mm metal dome, Ferro-fluid cooled and custom Epos suspension, Centre pole vented to felt damped rear chamber, Ferrite magnet system
  • Crossover: 300Hz and 3.2kHz. High-grade, glass fibre PCBs with 2 ounce copper tracks, on vibration-isolation mountings. Gold plated 4mm plugs and sockets for user configuration. Separate PCB for Bass filter to isolate it inductively from Mid-range and tweeter filters. Mid and tweeter sections incorporate custom-made Epos polypropylene capacitors, with copper lead out wires
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1230 x 265 x 385 mm (includes plinth and spikes),
  • Plinth maximum footprint (W x D): 410 x 540 mm
  • Packaging: 1 loudspeaker and 1 plinth per carton. Skateboard packed separately
  • Weight (Net per single speaker): 45 kg. Weight (Gross per single
  • speaker): 56 kg. Weight (Net skateboard): 3.5 kg
  • Weight (Gross skateboard): 5 kg
  • Finish: Cherry real wood veneer