Van Den Hul D-102 Mk III Hybrid


The van den Hul D-102/III HYBRID is a very flexible balanced interconnect with a triple layer shield delivered in a warm yellow-orange coloured outer casing. The sound is best described as pure, clean and very three dimensional with an extremely high resolution. This is a clear over-all winner and also an excellent solution for multi channel audio applications.

Available with RCA or XLR terminations.

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Silver Coated High Grade Copper

All stranded signal wires are made of high-grade copper and by special process coated with pure silver. The use of special techniques during the manufacturing prevents the aging of the wire generally caused by external processes like bending and/or soldering.

Hybrid Design

The two centre conductors are made of 40 dense silver coated strands of high grade copper insulated with polythylene foam. Between the conductor and the insulation an extra layer of Linear Structured Carbon (LSC) is applied to improve signal transmission by electrical bridging at microscale and absorbing radiated energy.

The penetration of humidity is prevented by the use of specially treated artificial fibres. High internal humidity deteriorates over time alignment (enlarged capacitance). 

High Frequency Protection

Thanks to triple screening, there is a perfect protection against any HF spurious penetration into your audio signals. The shielding consists of 2 helical layers of together 180 strands made of silver coated copper and an extra layer of Linear Structured Carbon saturated foil in between.


The outer jacket is made of HULLIFLEX, a PVC and Halogen Free material. This jacket results in improved flexibility, better protection against chemical pollutants and an improved sound quality.

Triple Screening

The triple shielding is connected at only one end of the cable. Sometimes the ground end can be made with the signal source (like a pre-amplifier) to get the lowest hum-level. (The shielded end of the cable is connected to the amplifier.) But in rare occasions it is better to make the grounding at the receiving side (the power amplifier).  You can run these two experiments to find the best solution for this problem.


The use of high-grade connectors with a copper, silver and 24 carat gold coating contributes considerably to the good quality of this cable set.


0.8 metre, 1 metre, 1.2 metre, 1.5 metre