Van Den Hul D-501 Hybrid Unterminated

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A dual-core balanced interconnect with Linear Structured Carbon shielding and HULLIFLEX jacket. Ideal for turntables connections.

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About the D-502 Hybrid:

The D-501 contains Hybrid conductors made of very high grade OFC wires with the highest density silver coating, surrounded by a layer of Linear Structured Carbon® (LSC), all wrapped in a rugged HULLIFLEX® jacket. This includes a centre steel ground wire which provides extra mechanical reinforcement and strain relief. The D 501 Hybrid is regularly used as a microphone cable in professional studio environments, and in SME’s prestigous Type V tonearm since 1987.


The 2 metal conductor cores are made 19 x 0.1 mm. high grade OFC wires with very pure silver coating.
As an extra layer around the metal conductor, VDH applies an LSC saturated coating. This layer both conducts electricity, helping with higher frequencies, and assists in shielding the metal core from the outside environment.

The signal line insulation is made of cell-PE, so the stripping can be done with your fingernails. This helps prevent wire damage sometimes caused by mechanical stripping. Further, flexible specially treated artificial fibres are used as a filler to prevent any harm caused by external humidity or chemicals.


The very flexible black outer jacket is made of migration-free HULLIFLEX, a PVC and Halogen Free material. This jacket results in improved flexibility,  and prevents any chemical deterioration over a long period.


  • Resistance per signal lead: 11.3 Ohm/100 meter
  • Capacitance between 2 leads: 75 pF/meter
  • Shielding resistance: 2.3 Ohm/100 meter
  • Conductor contents: 96 x 0.10 Matched Crystal OFC
  • External cable diameter: 4.5mm
  • Matte black HULLIFLEX jacket.

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