Van Den Hul The Bay C5 Hybrid


Due to the large success of The Patchbay B5 in its use as a general purpose audio interconnect, VDH introduced The BAY C5 HYBRID: The coaxial (unbalanced) Hybrid version of The Patchbay B5.
The design combines a superior transmission quality, a low conductor-conductor capacitance, a very high screening factor and a high mechanical flexibility and a long durability.

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About the Bay C5 Hybrid

The thinner version of VDH’s D-300 Mk III Hybrid with the same superior sound quality. Very flexible and applicable as a general purpose high quality coaxial (unbalanced) interconnect. This is a direct spin-off from an extremely succesfull project VDH did in South Africa to equip the local BOP-studios with very high quality patchbay connections. Even though this is a very affordable interconnect, it is of superior VDH quality and will certainly improve entry- and mid-range installations.


A high quality hybrid interconnect cable using large crystal OFC with a dense silver coating. Includes Linear Structured Carbon® (LSC) saturated layers which are standard in VDH’s more expensive cable products. These layers dramatically improve transparency and imaging; by electrically bridging any metal crystal defects, stable conductivity at the lowest signal levels is obtained. Highly shielded and mechanically very strong, 5.2mm diameter cable. This cable performs well when used as an interconnect, or internal amplifier or mixing console cable.


  • Coaxial construction is made with a centre conductor consisting of 40 x 0.12 mm. strands.
  • Centre conductor is coated with a layer of LSC and insulated with foamed polyethylene.
  • The double screen is made of a 16 x 6 x 0.12 mm. stranded braid underneath a Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer to further close the cable against HF signals and to dramatically improve the signal quality.
  • Effective cross section area: 0.452 mm² (AWG 20.6).
  • Resistance: 3.8 Ohm/100 metre.
  • Total resistance of screen: 1.6 Ohm/100 meters.
  • Red HULLIFLEX ® 4 jacket, 5.2mm diameter.

1 metre, 1.5 metre