Van Den Hul The Breeze Hybrid


A thick, high quality speaker cable with a mellow character. A leader in Van Den Hul’s Fusion Series.
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About the Breeze Hybrid

The Breeze is a multi-core single conductor speaker cable with a complex strand construction. The Breeze consists of 291 single non-insulated strands in 7 different layers. The outer strand layer is made of VDH’s Fusion conductor material, and the entire conductor is wrapped in a layer of Linear Structured Carbon. This layer acts both as shielding, and as an extra conductor.


The outer jacket is made of HULLIFLEX, a PVC- and Halogen-free material. This jacket results in improved flexibility, better protection against chemical pollutants and an improved sound quality.

Fusion Technology

The “Fusion Series” is a class of cables manufactured with a totally novel conductor type. These cables are manufactured with an innovative production technology which combines several advanced processes, resulting in a complex alloy of pure copper, zinc, and silver.
This results in a conductor with an amorphous structure that is free from intercrystalline boundaries. Intercrystalline boundaries are directly responsible for extra sonic harshness and the rich harmonic structures found in recording and reproduction, and thus any cable in the “Fusion Series” is free from these very common mechanical defects and their directly related sonic deficiencies.


Unterminated Cable – Per Metre