Van Den Hul The D-352 Hybrid


High quality twin-lead (2x AWG 10) flat loudspeaker cable with a L.S.C.® saturated coating around the two heavy silver coated multistrand copper conductors. With durable HULLIFLEX®(*) jacket, brown metallic coloured with gold printing.

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About the D-352 Hybrid

The D-352 Hybrid is the next step up from the popular CS-122 and sounds even better. More substantial in every way, the D-352 digs a little deeper, has a slightly more gutsy bass, a larger scale & soundstage presentation and is a touch richer in balance. It delivers a fatigue free, big, bold, spacious presentation with the finesse that good audio equipment deserves. A cable that manages to combine the qualities of copper, silver and carbon into a truly great sounding, yet surprisingly affordable package.


The outer jacket is made of HULLIFLEX, a PVC and Halogen Free material. This jacket results in improved flexibility, better protection against chemical pollutants and an improved sound quality.


The use of high-grade connectors with a copper, silver and 24 carat gold coating contributes considerably to the good quality of this cable set.


Sporting two conductors made of 296 strands of 0.15mm diameter, high purity Matched Crystal (MC) Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) strands with a dense and very pure silver coating. An extra layer saturated with Linear Structured Carbon ® is applied to both conductors to improve the sonic performance and to transform the radiated magnetic field into an audio signal again. The conductors measure 10 AWG, and are wrapped in a jacket of metallic brown HULLIFLEX®. The plus and minus leads are different in jacket-shape with printing in the flat middle section. Both properties are easy polarity-finders.
Type printing every 25 cm makes cutting of specified lengths very easy.


  • Resistance per lead: 0.34 Ohm/100 meter.
  • Total metal cross-section area: is 5.23 mm², AWG 10 ea.
  • Capacitance between the 2 leads: 32.5 pF/meter.
  • Usable Van den Hul connectors: B-352, BC-8.3 or D.I.Y.

Unterminated Cable – Per Metre