Van Den Hul The Inspiration Hybrid (Unterminated)

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A new twin-lead loudspeaker cable in Van Den Hul’s state of the art Fusion series. Highly versatile and fantastic for bi-wiring, bi-amping, and use as an interconnect.

Unterminated loudspeaker cable, price per metre.


About the Inspiration Hybrid

The Inspiration Hybrid features very detailed signal transmission and a superbly spacious character. With screening under the jacket and layers of Linear Structured Carbon (LSC) on each signal line, it is very well protected from interference caused by electromagnetic noise. The jacket also contains a separate central ground lead for ground connection between loudspeakers and amplifier.


The Inspiration Hybrid’s jacket and insulation are both made of HULLIFLEX ® 4, a very rugged, PVC- and halogen-free insulation material which provides outstanding protection from outside pollutants while remaining flexible and improving sound quality.


This high quality cable contains four signal lines in a lead gold coloured outer jacket. The four internal conductors are star-quad-configured and have separate LSC layers. These layers, and the cable’s heavily braided screen, provide additional protection against interference.

The signal lines are intended to be combined in pairs to form a twin-lead loudspeaker cable. However, with four signal lines The Inspiration Hybrid is also excellent in bi-wiring and bi-amping applications.


  • Resistance per lead: 2.8 Ohms/100m
  • Capacitance: 318pF/m
  • Cross section area per lead: 1.97mm²
  • AWG per lead: 14
  • External diameter: 11.5mm
  • Usable Van den Hul connectors: BC-3 (biwiring) or BC-5 (normal wiring).

Unterminated Cable – Per Metre