Van Den Hul The Mountain 3T Hybrid


Our superlative representative of the 3T (balanced) interconnects. Once connected you’ll never want to change to any other cable!

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The two centre conductors are made of a 900 micron 3T single stranded conductor and individually coated with an extra L. S. C. layer.
Reduced capacitive load due to the enlarged distance between the centre conductors and the shield (screen)
The shielding (screening) consists of four even layers: two made of heavy silver coated high quality copper multi-strand conductors and the other two are made of L. S. C.
After a run-in time of three to five hours you’ll be travelling through the dramatic improvement of the sound transmission. Destination: there where the music was first performed and recorded.


  • Design purpose: Interlink
  • Available versions: Balanced (XLR), Unbalanced (RCA)
  • Conductor material: 3T
  • Product range: High-end
  • Jacket color: orange
  • Standard sales unit: Only factory terminated, not available on reel.

1 metre, 1.5 metre