We have a great range of second hand audio, from entry level to ultra high end. Our traded items are workshop-checked and carry a back to store warranty. See in store for the full range of equipment or contact us with your inquiry.


Ariston Q-Deck with Ortofon OM20 $695
Awai PX-30 fully auto $190
Dual 1257 $235
Dual 502 $295
Harksound HS-210, with Ortofon FF15E cartridge $265
Linn Sondek LP12, SME 3009 arm (fixed headshell), Shure V15 type III $2,750
Marantz linear tracker TT-551 - $325
Project P1.2 $299
Project Essential $240
Sansui SR-B200S $239
Teac P313 $195
Thorens TD-166 Mk II, Grado F-1, immaculate $1,150
Thorens TD309, Adcom MC $1,850

Staff Pick: Boothroyd Stuart Meridian 100

Rare traded vintage Boothroyd Stuart Meridian 100 Series system. This legendary hi-end system received a British Design Council Award in 1982. Great Sound! $1000


Arcam A39 (with remote) $1,875
Audio Analogue Verdi Cento (silver) $1650
Crown D-75A power amp, with Crown IC-150 pre-amp $699 the set
Harman Kardon HK-970 with remote and manual $475
JVC A-K11 - $199
Luxman LV-122 $320
Marantz PM-19 (gold series) $750
Marantz PM-630 $325
NAD C 370 $395
NAD C352 (silver) $475
Sony TA-F808ES in gold with mahogany sides $1,600
Technics SU-V5 $200
Technics SU-Z980 85wpc RMS $325
Vincent SV-226 MKII $1,800

CD Players

Denon DCD-435 $265
Denon DCD-500AE $240
Marantz CD6002 $275
Nad 5420 $225
Onkyo DX-7222 $180
Pioneer PD-M423 $220
Rotel RCD-940BX $185

Pre Amplifiers

Atoll PR200 pre-amp $995
Crown IC-150 preamp $450, With Crown D-75A power amp $699 the set

Stereo Receivers

Cambridge Azur 540R $375
JVC JR-S301 $450
Kenwood KR-6140A Quadrophonic $450
NAD 7020 (original) $325
NAD 705 $320
NAD C720 BEE $360
Rotel RX-300 $280
Rotel RX-400 $245
Rotel RX-1052 $695
Sherwood RV-5050R $250
Yamaha CR-200E $290

AV Receivers

Cambridge Audio Azur 540R $375
Harman Kardon AVR130
Sherwood RV-5050R $250


Creek EVOLUTION RDS FM / AM tuner $349
Denon TU-747 $250
Dual CT-1462 $185
General T1000 $120
Luxman T-100 $150
Marantz ST-17 with RDS $299
Maratnz ST-35 $145
Pioneer F-227 $120
Pioneer TX-540 $85
Proton AT-470 $185
Rotel RT-D6 (NOS) $699
Sansui T-7 (black) $120
Sherwood TX1010C
Technics ST-Z400 $149
Yamaha TX-492 $150 (black, two available)


Allison Five (re-foamed) with custom stands $850
Allison 110 $350
Avid 101 $350
Bose 901 series VI in light walnut with equaliser $800
B&W DM110i $350
Bowers & Wilkins Silver Signature (with external crossovers) $2,995
Celef Mini Professional H. E. monitors $495
Dynaco/Scandyna A-30 $550
Interdyn 12-2 8 inch 2 way $395
Jamo Cornet 25 $180
Jamo E 3CEN centre channel speaker $99
KEF Cadenzas (dark walnut) $550
Klipsch KG2 $350
Jordan Watts "Jodrell" featuring dual modular drivers $650
Magnaplanar SMGa $2,500
Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 $330
Paradigm Atom (walnut) $350
Paradigm Atom v2 (black) $320
Paradigm Legends V3 (black) $549
Paradigm 9se (Black) $549
Piega S 3 SAT in black $649
Piega S 3 SAT in white with matching sub $895
Quad ESL57 (gold - as new) $2,995
Radiotehnika "Silway" FS-5.2 $550
Rogers ES-60 (maple) $850
Sansui AA-4900 10 inch 3 way $375
Scandyna A-30 $550
Soundwave Soliloquy Series II (New old stock) $3,995
Wharfedale Diamond 6 (black) $275

Remote Controls

We also have a large selection pre-owned and replacement remote controls for Amplifiers, Receivers, DVD Playes, CD Players, Televisions and other Vintage Hi-Fi stereo system. Contact us for details.

Like To Trade An Item?

We are always on the look out to trade-in items from the following brands: Luxman, Redgum, Sugden, Rotel, Musical Fidelity, Marantz, Rega, Project, Paradigm, Denon, Linn, Mirage, Dual, Celestion, Ambience, Teac, Thorens, NAD, Sansui, Arcam, Harman Kardon, Technics, Onkyo, Atoll, Yamaha, Creek, Pioneer, Allison, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Dynaudio, Jamo, Kef, Magnaplanar, Monitor Audio, Piega, Quad, Rogers, Wharfedale and many more.