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Announcing Duratone Hi-fi Closing Down Sale!

After serving the Audiophiles and Music Lovers of Canberra and surrounding areas for over half a century, we have decided that it is time to close our doors. We wish to thank all our loyal customers who have supported us over the past several decades. I often meet people who tell me that they have bought their equipment from Duratone, as did their parents before them.

It was my fathers' passion for music and high quality Hi-Fi systems which unintentionally led to the opening of Duratone. He was always showing off his latest equipment to his friends and work colleagues at the ANU where he was a lecturer. They started asking him to source equipment for them, and they told their friends who told their friends, and it came to the point that my parents had to find premises and open a shop. My father used to travel to Europe to source the very best equipment, and on one occasion I was lucky enough to travel with him. For me the highlight of the trip was staying with the legendary A. J. van den Hul and his lovely wife. They gave us the most wonderful guided tour of Holland!

I have clear childhood memories of sitting and discussing the differences in sound quality with my father while he tried out different combinations of speakers, amplifiers, turntables and cartridges and cables. I remember on one occasion I was enjoying listening to Brahms' violin concerto on a record, and he came in and started pulling the system apart to try a different cartridge, because the "sound wasn't quite right". Initially I protested that I just wanted to listen to the music, but once he had finished, I had to concede that the sound was much better, and then we both sat and enjoyed listening to the music.

The sale will run from 01/07/24 until 27/07/24, so if you want to acquire some high quality Hi-Fi equipment, or collectable records at a bargain price, just remember that "He who hesitates is lost!" Marie Cull (Director) and staff Fay, Charles, Andy, Stephen, Kaleb, Alan, Bob and Alisha