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Duratone Hi-Fi prides itself on its customer service and this has enabled us to continue to serve our customers for over 50 years. We feel honoured when we meet grand children of customers who have endorsed our store. We thank our amazing customers for our many years of operation.

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Second Hand Hi Fi Sale

We have been so enthusiastic about trading in quality second hand hifi, that our traded section is over stocked. We have even more cool gear from yesteryear in our warehouse, so we are slashing prices on much of our existing traded stock. So now is the time to come into the Duratone store and grab the best bargains.


Biggest Ever Sale: It is on and we are working at a maddening pace to get all the items priced and on display. With a Million Dollars worth of stock and limited space, it is going to take a week (or more) to get all of it done, so it is definitely worth coming in on a regular basis to snap up some of the New, Vintage, Used Hi-Fi equipment, accessories and hifi related paraphernalia.

Covid-19: Yes Duratone Hi-Fi is very much still in business and we hope that you all are healthy and getting through these new and strange times. The current Covid-19 crisis has lead to suppliers experiencing shortages on some of their product lines, so we apologise in advance if you experience delays in any of your purchases. Please feel free to give us a call about any product availability.

New Website: Duratone Hi-Fi is in the process of doing a complete rebuild of our website, so if you are experiencing problems, that is the reason. We have many big plans and you will start to see the changes in the coming weeks. Regards Duratone Staff

Old Fashion Service

When You Are Buying Something New


We take the time to listen to your specific needs and also explain any technical issues that may concern your purchase.


Competitive pricing with old-fashioned service that will be there after you buy. Just the thing you need when you are buying something new. 


Over 50+ years in the Hi-Fi business and a combined staff experience measuring many decades. We work hard to stay up to date with the latest technology.


Whatever your needs are — from electronics and speakers for a single room to a multi-room system that integrates superb audio and video.

Trade-Ins and Trade-ups are welcome. When you’re ready to upgrade or expand your system, we are here to make that as easy as possible. More


We can provide experienced professionals to install your AV equipment.  TV, Hi-Fi, Surround Sound, in wall & in ceiling speakers, we are here to help.

House Calls

Do you need help troubleshooting your current Hi-Fi system, or are you looking to set up a new one? Sometimes it’s more convenient for an expert to visit you.


Service and renew your music system. Duratone Hi-Fi endeavours to services and repairs products sold from our stores no matter what the age. 

Special offer

Save on Atoll Electronics

We are offering huge in-store savings on French made Atoll Electronics for this week only.  Come in and talk to our staff about this special offer.

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