Vinyl Records

We have a huge range of over 60,000 used vinyl records in store (our record room) with new stocks being added weekly, so If you’re an audiophile, or buying your first LP Records, there is sure to be something here for you.

About Our Vinyl

Its the Good Stuff

We offer an extensive selection of the good stuff, full analogue chain vintage vinyl records, the stuff that makes your hair stand on end and sends shivers down your spine. With that said, we do carry digital on black wax, plus a selection of CDs, DVDs, SACDs, cassettes and reel to reels, all at reasonable prices.

record room

We carry an eclectic
mix of genres

Our Vinyl Record Stocks Include:

Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Blues, World, Oldies, Country, Soundtracks, Comedy, Historical, Vocals and more, with prices that range from high end collector records down to the bargain bins.

Included in our extensive collection are

Rare and Collectable Vinyl Records

Rare signed vinyl LPs, LP Boxed Sets and a host of first edition classical records from:
Deutsche Grammophon (Big tulips/Red stereo), Decca SXL (ED1 Wide Band Grooved) Philips SAL, Mercury Living Presence, RCA Victor Red Seal, Russian Melodiya, Philips SAL, Philips SABL or AY, Columbia ML, Capitol SP, Columbia SAX, HMV SAN, HMV CLP, EMI/HMV ALP, EMI Angel, EMI ASD, Argo ZRG, RCA VICS, RCA SB Living Stereo, Sheffield Lab, Parliphone, RCA Shaded Dogs and more.

Your source for
all things vinyl

Duratone has owned and operated record stores since the 70s and we are still buying, trading and selling vinyl records today.