About Us

For over 50 years Duratone Hi-Fi has successfully catered to the audio and more recently the video needs of enthusiasts, offering the highest quality local and imported products. Established in 1968 by Fay and Charles Cull, and located at our premises in Botany Street, Phillip since 1973, Duratone is a traditional hi-fi store that specialises in the supply of the very best in quality audio systems and stereo components. Duratone prides itself on its vast product knowledge and personal service.

A Few Words About

New & Vintage Hi-Fi equipment

At Duratone, we carry and service a broad range of new, traded and vintage audio and video products including; amplifiers (Valve, Class-A etc) pre and power amplifiers, cassette decks (and blank tapes), reel to reels (and the reels themselves), minidisc players, laser-disc players, DAT machines, VCR video players, CD players, DVD players, SACD Players, Blu-ray players, headphones, loudspeakers (electrostatic, ribbon, plasma, in-ceiling, etc), sub woofers, turntables (and vinyl records)  phono-preamps, phono cartridges, tons of styli, high quality speaker cables, interconnects, power conditioners and Hi-Fi furniture.

A long lasting love of analog and vinyl records.

Back in the mid 80s our competitors called us the “Flat Earther’s” as we still carried a love for all things vinyl. While we did sell high quality digital products, we also kept on selling and servicing turntables, along with bothering to carrying those hard to get styli and also re-tipping moving coil cartridges. Not much has change since then, except those competitors have long since passed and we got a lot more records.

A Little Bit About

Our Service

Duratone Hi-Fi prides itself on its high level of customer service. This has enabled us to continue to serve our customers for over 50 years. We feel proud when we meet grand children of customers who have endorsed our store. We thank our amazing customer for our many years of operation.

About Kingston Hi-Fi

Our Kingston Hi Fi store (Now Closed) was located at the rear of Cusack’s Home Centre Eyre Street, Kingston, ACT. It was closed in 2011 due to major renovations to the Cusack Centre. For any repairs to products sold at Kingston Hi-Fi please contact us at Duratone Hi-Fi on the corner of Altree and Botany Street in Phillip, ACT.