Project Classic Evo Turntable


The Classic Evo is a combination of the successful EISA Award winner The Classic, and the iconic 175 VPO Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer. Design features developed for the VPO have been added to the Classic, resulting in performance in the Classic Evo that are rarely seen in this price category. For improved comfort, an electronic speed change was built in, which lets you switch from 33 to 45 rpm (and vice versa) with the push of a button.

Available in Eucalyptus and Walnut real-wood veneers.


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Damped, Aluminium-Machined Platter

The Classic Evo boasts a heavy aluminium platter damped with a ring of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which optimises resonance behaviour. Many older turntables feature cast metal platters. Cast platters are heavy (which is good for speed constancy and low wow and flutter) but suffer from ringing effects which cause colouration of the sound. The platter of The Classic Evo is precisely machined out of a special aluminium alloy and damped with TPE, which offers special damping abilities.

Diamond-Cut Aluminium Sub-Platter

The Classic Evo is fitted with a diamond cut precision aluminium sub-platter. Just like the 175 VPO, this hugely improves friction and tolerance. This extraordinarily sophisticated part is accurately machined and guarantees incredible isolation between bearing noise and the platter itself.

All New Carbon/Aluminium Tonearm

This radical new tonearm design is the result of Project’s 25 years of experience in mechanical construction. The tonearm tube is made out of a sandwich of carbon and aluminium: carbon for stiffness and speed, aluminium for reduced resonance. The upgraded bearing facilitates frictionless vertical and horizontal movement, guaranteeing precise tracking across the entire duration of the record. The counterweight incorporates a TPE damper which reduces the amplitude of the tonearm and cartridge resonance by 50%.

As typical for Pro-Ject but absolutely not standard at this price point, azimuth and VTA can be adjusted. enabling the use of variety of cartridges.