50 years has taught us a lot about turntables and Duratone is still committed to providing the best turntables, phono cartridges, phono styli, phono accessories and advice for the lovers of vinyl records

Choosing The Right Turntable

If the amplifier is the heart of a stereo music system, the turntable or record player is surely the head. Whether a modest budget priced record player or a super precision engineered turntable, the final sound will depend on the turntable. Today, even our entry level record player is made to a very high standard and can deliver great sound. It is not necessary to spend a lot to achieve high fidelity. Of course the confirmed audiophile will still insist on extracting the last subtle detail in a recording. Only the finest high precision engineering will achieve this goal and it comes at a premium price.

A Word Of Warning:

Persisting with an unserviced or poorly engineered record player could cause permanent damage to your precious recordings. Vinyl as a medium is easily damaged and may not be able to be replaced.

Record Player Servicing

The record player you choose can be expected to give service for many years, but will require some care to keep its fine performance at the optimum. Duratone Hi-Fi has always maintained a primary interest in turntables of all kinds of brands and specialises in turntable maintenance and repair. A stock of record player drive belts, record cleaning accessories, pickup cartridges and styli is always on hand. 

Vinyl Records

For decades Duratone HiFi has been collecting and storing Canberra’s best loved classical and non-classical vinyl. We have a huge range of music —from Dixieland Jazz to Donizetti — with something to suit every interest and something to interest every person. Many pieces of vinyl are in very good condition, having been owned previously by Canberrans with both high quality equipment and storage. Visit Our Vinyl Record Page