Traded & Second Hand Hi-Fi

We have a great range of second hand audio, from entry level to ultra high end. Our traded items are workshop-checked and carry a back to store warranty. See in store for the full range of equipment or contact us with your inquiry.

Second Hand Hi-Fi

We are overstocked and we want to make way for a lot of exciting traded products waiting in the wings, so we have just slashed the prices of much of our ex-demo, new old stock and second hand hifi equipment. These discounted items are available in store right now. The majority of these items will not be around long enough to be listed on the website, so drop by and have a look at what we have on offer. We will be updating the traded section of our website to reflect the discounted prices on as many a these items as possible over the next couple of weeks, but we have to be realistic about the fact that at these prices many items get sold before we have time to list them.

Ex Demo and Discontinued

Traded Items

Please Note: Traded items are local pick up only. Contact us to check availability or for more available items.


Paradigm 7m High Quality Interconnect & X-10 Passive High-Pass 7 metre High Quality Sub Cable & Subwoofer Control Unit  [New in Box]
Black Control unit
Tan Interconnect Cable
$149 $50

Amplifiers and Recievers

AMCAV81HTA/V AmplifierSilver$99
Audio AnaloguePrimo Settanta Rev 2.0A/V AmplifierSilver$899
JoLindaSJ-801ATube AmplifierBlack/GoldRRP $3300 $1800
JVCR-S112×25 watts AM/FM Stereo ReceiverSilver$320
LuxmanR-3512×55 watts AM/FM Receiver (1992-93)Gold$650
LuxmanR50012×45 watts AM/FM Receiver (1982-83)Silver$499
Marantz3250/170DCVintage Hi-End Pre & Power Amplifier (1978-80)SilverRRP $3400 $3000
MetaxasCP2 / IrakhisHi End Pre-Power  Amplifier 2x 50w (1993)Black / Silver$1499
NadC355BEE2x 80 watts Integrated Amplifier (2009)Silver$499
NADModel 1202x 20w Receiver (1977)  great condition!Wood, silver face$699
NADT175A/V Tuner Pre AmplifierSilver$999
PyramidSEA2500Stereo preamplifierSilver$245
RotelRA-12102x60w Integrated Amplifier (1973)Silver$699
RotelRA-8402x40w Integrated Amplifier (1982)Silver$399
RotelRX-4022x20w AM/FM Stereo Receiver Walnut/Black$450
SansuiA52x 25w Integrated AmplifierBlack$300
Sansui331AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1975-77)Silver/Walnut$499
Scan-Dyna2000Danish Stereo Receiver (1972 – 1974)Black$399 $99
DenonPMA-300V2x60w AmplifierBlack$350

Bluetooth & iPod Docks

Bose Wave Connect for iPod iPod Dock for Wave Music System (ex-demo in box) Silver RRP $299 $99
Denon ASD-3N Control Dock for iPod (Ex-demo in box) Black RRP $299 $169


Lehmann DAC+ DAC Black $999
Trade Ins Are Welcome
We want to make upgrading your hifi system as easy as possible. To help make this hassle free, we can trade in your older equipment as part exchange against the cost of new or second hand hifi equipment.

Cassette Decks & Video Cassette Recorders (VCR's)

AkaiGXC-46DOne of two gorgeous 1970s Top-Loading Cassette Players (Serviced)Walnut, silver$499 $349
AkaiGXC-38DTop-Loading Cassette Player (Serviced)Walnut, silver$399 $249
AkaiX-1500Reel to Teel Tape PlayerWalnut, silver$599
PanasonicNV-F66Hi-Fi Video Cassette Recorder (Serviced)Black$350
TeacA-4303 head Professional Cassette DeckSilver/Black$550
NAD6240Stereo Cassette Deck (Serviced)Dark Grey$350
SansuiD95MStereo Cassette Deck (Serviced)Black$350

CD Players

Out of Stock CD PlayerBlack 

DVD & Blu-ray Players

Loewe Audiovision DVD Player Black $199
Loewe BluTech Vision Interactive Blu-Ray Player (1080p) (Ex-demo in box) Black $1199 $399

Graphic Equalisers

KenwoodGE-87Graphic EQ with Spectrum AnalyzersBlack$325
TeacGE-6Graphic EQSilver $110
TechnicsSH 8025Graphic EQSilver $110

Remote Controls

AMC URC 1000 Learning Remote Control  (in box) Black RRP $129 $49
Bose RC-18C Remote Control Remote Control (New in box) White RRP $199 $99
Bose Wave Music System Remote Premium Back Lit Remote  (New in box) White RRP $59 $29
Cambridge Audio Incognito LR10 Learning Remote Control  (In box) White RRP $199 $49
Loewe RC1 Remote Control  (In box) Silver RRP $599 $99
Logitech Harmony 700 Learning Remote Control  (In box) Black RRP $199 $99
Marantz RC1200 Learning Remote Control  (In box) Grey RRP $299 $99
Marantz RC1400 Learning Remote Control  (In box) White RRP $399 $129

Radios & Tuners

Rotel RT-500L AM/FM/MW Stereo Tuner Silver $299
Nad C440 AM/FM Stereo Tuner Grey $299
Toshiba ST-225 AM/FM Stereo Tuner Silver $279


Audio ReflexMR110Belt Drive turntable New Rega CartridgeWood$300
Dual504Belt Drive turntable (New Belt)Wood$300
HMV78 Phonograph with HornVintage (reissue) wind up 78rpm PhonographWood$349
JH ReproducersReproducer 1Belt drive turntable with Excel ES-801 Tone-arm Just Serviced.Wood$450
Project AudioJukeboxTurntable with built amplifier just add speakersRed$450
ThorensTD166Belt Drive turntableWood$600 $500


Acoustic Research MC1 Centre Channel Speaker Black $120 $60
American Acoustic Design Home Cinema  Speakers Floorstanding Fronts, Centre, Rear Channel Speakers & Sub Wood & Black $500
Bose Jewel Cubes 7x Cube Speakers (with Cables) White $99
Bose 161 Speakers [Ex-Demo in Box] Black $299 $99
Cambridge Audio Incognito SS10 In-ceiling Speakers [Ex-Demo in Box] White $299 $120
HMV 4-4B Vintage Bookshelf Speakers Wood $60
JBL  4425 Studio Monitor Speakers (Refoamed) Info Walnut $3500  $2800
Klipsch Synergy F2 Floorstandng Speakers Black $500
Krix Centrix Centre Speaker Black $150
Linn Ninka 2-Way Floor-standing speakers Maple $1699  $1499
MDS S-100 Satellite Speakers Black $299  $99
National SB-130 Vintage Bookshelf Speakers Dark Oak $60
Paradigm Monitor 7 mk 3 Floor-standing Speakers Black $699
Paradigm Monitor ADP-390 V6 [Box] Surround Speakers EX-demo
Details: Paradigm ADP-390 v6
White $1599 $799
Paradigm Studio ADP-470 V3 [Box] Surround Speakers EX-demo White $1199 $599
Paradigm ADP-170 V2 [Box] Surround Speakers EX-demo White $999 $199
Polk Audio F/Xi A6 [Box] Surround Speakers EX-demo
Details: Polk Audio F/Xi A6
White $849 $399
Polk Audio 620-RT 1x In ceiling Speaker [Ex-demo Boxed] White $299 (One only) $30
Polk Audio 625-RT 1x In-Wall Speaker [Ex-demo Boxed] White  $399 (One only) $40
Polk Audio 265-RT 1x In-Wall Speaker [Ex-demo Boxed] White $499 (One only) $50
Tannoy CMS-401e In-ceiling Speakers [Ex-demo Boxed] White $200
Wharfedale Programme Corner Wall Mounted Corner Speakers [ex-demo] Black $699 $199
Optimus Pro-X88AV Bookshelf Speakers Black $100
Realistic Minimus-11 Silver Bookshelf Speakers Silver $100


Bluesound Pulse Sub Wireless Powered Subwoofer (damaged grill) Black $999 $300