Traded & Second Hand Hi-Fi

We have a great range of second hand audio, from entry level to ultra high end. Our traded items are workshop-checked and carry a back to store warranty. See in store for the full range of equipment or contact us with your inquiry.

Massive Second Hand Hi-Fi Sale

We are overstocked and we want to make way for a lot of exciting traded products waiting in the wings, so we have just slashed the prices of much of our ex-demo, new old stock and second hand hifi equipment. These discounted items are available in store right now. The majority of these items will not be around long enough to be listed on the website, so drop by and have a look at what we have on offer. We will be updating the traded section of our website to reflect the discounted prices on as many a these items as possible over the next couple of weeks, but we have to be realistic about the fact that at these prices many items will be sold before we have time to list them.
Please Note: Local Pick Up Only. Contact us to check availability or for more available items.


Atoll IN-50 2x 50 watts Integrated Amplifier Black $595 $499
Audio Analogue Verdi Cento 2x 100 watts Tube Integrated Amplifier Silver $1650 $1500
Harman Kardon HK 970 2x 80 watts Amplifier Silver / Black $449 $349
Marantz PM-8000 2x 105 watts Integrated Amplifier Black $399
NAD 3120 2x 50 watts Integrated Amplifier Grey $349
Sansui AU-505 2x 25 watts Integrated Amplifier Walnut/Black $550 $500
Sony MHC-S7A Mini Amplifier & AM/FM Tuner Silver $50

Surround Amplifiers

Harman Kardon AVR 130 5x 45 watts AV Amplifier Silver / Black $349 $249
Onkyo TX-SR606 7x 90 watts AV Amplifier Black $349 $249
Marantz SR-670 F:100W, C:65W, R:20W AV Receiver Black $199 $149
Trade Ins Are Welcome
We want to make upgrading your hifi system as easy as possible. To help make this hassle free, we can trade in your older equipment as part exchange against the cost of new or second hand hifi equipment.

Surround Systems

MarantzDV2100/PS2100DVD & AV AmplifierSilver$500 $299
NADL73DVD & AV ReciverSilver$500 $299
YamahaAVS-700AV SelectorGrey Silver$120 $80

Cassette Decks

DenonDRW-580Dual Cassette DeckBlack$445
OnkyoTA-RW255Dual Cassette DeckBlack$220
PioneerCT-F2121Cassette DeckSilver$220 $199
TeacV30Cassette DeckSilver$250 $99
TeacV330Cassette DeckSilver$220 $99
YamahaTC-520Cassette DeckSilver$250

Minidisc Players

DenonDMD-1000Minidisc Player (with 100 discs)Black$800

CD Players

Marantz CD 17 High End CD Player Black $385
Marantz CD5004 CD Player Silver $299
NAD C521BEE CD Player Grey $239
NAD C531BEE CD Player Grey $275
Pioneer PD-5901 CD Player Legato Link Black $450 $380
Sherwood CDC-5506 5 Disc CD Player Black $150 $99
Sony CDP-CE375 5 Disc CD Player Black $120 $75

DVD & Blu-ray Players

Marantz BD-7004 Blu-ray Player Black $320
Metz DE-71 DVD Player Black $150
Sony DVP-NS575P DVD Player Silver $99 $40
Sony DVP-NS575P DVD Player Silver $99 $40
Sony RDR-HDC300 DVD Recorder Black $250 $179

Graphic Equalisers

Technics SH 8025 Graphic EQ Silver $299 $220
Technics SH-Z250 Graphic EQ (Some lights don’t work) Black $220 AS IS $50

IPod Docks

DenonASD-11RControl Dock For iPodBlack$99 $49
Jamoi200iPod DockBlack$99 $49


Cambridge Audio640PMM/MC PhonostageBlack$129


Sangean RCR-2 Clock Radio Silver $45 $20
Tangent ALIO DAB+ Clock Radio Black $150 $99


AdcomGFT-1AM / FM TunerBlack$400 $199
CreekEvolution RDSAM / FM TunerBlack$349 $220
DualCT-1462AM / FM TunerBlack$185 $99
HitachiFT-4400AM / FM TunerSilver$110
KenwoodKT-59AM / FM TunerBlack$110 $60
PioneerF-227AM / FM TunerBlack$120 $75
PioneerF-50AM / FM TunerSilver$50 $25
PioneerTX-540AM / FM TunerSilver$85 $50
PioneerF-227AM / FM TunerBlack$120 $75
RotelRT-06DAB / FM Tuner (not DAB+)Silver$400 $200
SherwoodTX1010C Digiline IIAM / FM TunerBlack$100 $60
TechnicsST-598AM / FM TunerGrey$129 $40


Dual 1225 Turntable (Great Condition) Wood $380
Dual 1225 Turntable (GC, New Cartridge) Wood $395
Marantz TT530 Turntable (Auto, DD, Linear Tracking) Silver $195 $179
Sansui P-D10 Turntable (Auto, Direct Drive) Silver $250 $220


Aaron AP-4 Floor-standing Speakers Black $450 $250
Accusound DLC-130 Center Channel Speaker Black $99 $20
Allison Acoustics 110 Bookshelf Speakers (Damaged Grilles) Oak $350 $150
Athena AS-F1-1 Floor-standing Speakers Black $245 $149
Athena AS-R1 Single Dipolar Speaker Black $49 $25
Axis Model Floor-standing Speakers (Australian Made) Black $450 $250
Bose AM3 Cube Speakers (No Sub) White $150 $99
Bose AM-5 Passive Sub & Satellite Speakers Black $250 $160
Bose Accoustimass 5 Powered Sub & Cubes (With Stands) Black $299 $250
Bose 601 IV Floor-standing Speakers (Ex Condition) Beech $799 $499
British Radio Corp Model 24517 Bookshelf Speakers (70s Woven Grille) Woodgrain $150 $100
Goodmans Maxim 2 Bookshelf Speakers Black $120 $99
Infinity Studio Monitor 150 Floor-standing Speakers (Monsters) Black $650 $400
Jamo ARTina On Wall Speaker (Hanging) Black $135 $50
Jamo X8 Floor-standing Speakers Black $450 $399
Jamo S420 Center Channel Speaker Black $149 $99
JBL LX2003 Floor-standing Speakers Black $575 $400
JVC Unknown Monitor Speakers (70s lattice grilles) Wood $399 $299
Kenwood LS-V230 Floor-standing Speakers Black $275 $169
Mirage M-390is Limited Edition Floor-standing Speakers Black $699 $499
Mirage MBS Bipolar Bipolar Satellites (mint in Box) White $699 $499
Mission M50 Bookshelf Speakers Silver / Beech $220 $180
Ohm Model D Monitor Speakers Jarrah $350 $280
Paradigm 9se Monitor Speakers Black $549 $400
Paradigm Cinema 110 LR C Wall Mount Speaker Black $150 $50
Piega S3 Sub Passive Subwoofer Black $399 $199
Pioneer CS-408 Monitor Speakers Black $175 $99
PMC DB1 Center Channel Speaker (Small) Jarrah $349 $169
Polk Audio Csi A6 Center Channel Speaker Jarrah $349 $299
Radiotehnika FS-5.2 (Silway) Floor-standing Speakers (inc Centre) Silver $499 $199
Richter Wizard?? Centre Channel Speaker (Wizard?) Black $275 $199
Sanyo Unknown Bookshelf Speakers Wood $40 $10
Sonab Cube OD11 Cube Speakers Woodgrain Teak $599 $499
Yamaha NS-200M Monitor Speakers (not Original Tweeter) Black $200 $99