Van Den Hul MC Gold Hybrid


High quality balanced interconnect. Introduced by Van Den Hul in 1985, the MC Gold Hybrid was the first cable in the world to use gold coating on its signal lines. Excellent in both balanced and unbalanced applications.

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The MC Gold Hybrid is a balanced interconnect with extremely high factor shielding against spurious signals from external signal sources. This shielding function and the signal return function are kept seprate, resulting in higher quality sound reproduction. This cable is often used as a microphone cable in critical recording situations.

The 24 carat gold coating on the signal lines and the external filling fibers make this cable resistant to humidity and extremely durable through long periods of extensive use.


The gold-coloured outer jacket is made of HULLIFLEX, a PVC and Halogen Free material.  It gives the cable excellent mechanical protection and has a high chemical stability.


The MC Gold Hybrid’s inner conductors are made of high-quality matched crystal (MC) OFC, covered first with a thick layer of pure silver and a final outer layer of 24 carat gold.

A layer of Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) is applied to each conductor. This acts both as shielding from outside pollutants, and as an additional level of high speed electrical signal reproduced on the micro scale.

Dielectric losses are very low because of the treated fibers used as a filler inside the cable jacket. These fibers are a perfect protection against increased internal humidity.


  • Resistance per conductor: 13.9 ohm/100 m
  • Shielding resistance: 0.88 ohm/100 m
  • Capacitance: 59 pF/m
  • Outer diameter: 7.2mm
  • Usable VDH connectors: RCA type C – 7.3

0.8 metre, 1 metre, 1.2 metre, 1.5 metre