Van Den Hul The Optocoupler MkII


Convex spherical lens at both ends to reduce optical insertion losses
Unaffected by electrical or magnetic interference
250 MB/s transfer speed
Manufactured in Europe
Available in T-T and T-M connection (Mini Toslink (3.5 jack optical) configurations.

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The Optocoupler MkII

What makes the Van den Hul OPTOCOUPLER Mk II special is the fact that both ends of the single fiber are shaped in the form of a convex (spherical) lens which has many advantages.

The OPTOCOUPLER Mk II’s lens shaped input and output surfaces produce an extra focusing of the light beam. Light entering the cable at an angle is focused and therefore undergoes 50% less wall reflections per unit length inside the fibre (i.e. the light path is shorter). This not only reduces the loss of light intensity (attenuation) (even when the cable is being bent), but also the time difference of travel between the light rays traversing the fibre at various angles (so-called modal dispersion) is much reduced. A pulse of light traversing the optical fibre therefore undergoes less time-smear and this in effect reduces the amount of jitter distortion experienced at your D/A converter.

The OPTOCOUPLER Mk II’s convex shaped fibre ends furthermore bring about a better controlled fibre top surface contacting the optical transmitter and receiver-end. In this way optical insertion losses are reduced to a minimum.


1 metre, 1.5 metre