Van Den Hul The Wind Mk II Hybrid


A multi-core yet single-conductor speaker cable with a strong presence.
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About the Wind Mk II Hybrid

The Wind MkII Hybrid was the result of an epiphany: that it must be possible to write a computer program with the ability to fine-tune the signal transmission of a cable. The Wind Mk II Hybrid was designed as a first result. It is a multi-core, but single conductor, loudspeaker cable with a very complex strand construction. This cable sounds very detailed and sports a superb spacious character.


The peach colored jacket is made of HULLIFLEX® 3, a very flexible and mechanically superb insulation material. Hulliflex is PVC- and Halogen-free, and adds extra protection against chemical contamination.


The WIND Mk II HYBRID consists of a total of 173 single non insulated strands in 5 different cores, resulting in great improvment in resolution and soundstage. To improve the overall transmission quality even more, the metal construction is coated with a layer of Linear Structured Carbon®. This extra layer dramatically improves the sound quality by acting both as a shield from atmospheric pollution, and an extra conductor.


  • AWG: 10.5
  • External diameter: 6.2mm
  • Cross section area: 4.67mm²
  • Resistance: 3.7 Ohm/km

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